Let me tell you a bit about me.

How I became an acupuncturist, and how I went on to specialize in fertility and women's health. Having a passion for everything horses growing up, it led me to a career as a Jockey. Being a lady Jockey is not something you see every day, but for me, there was no other choice. I had to do it! Being a Jockey is a tough life, and it brings with it risk. Sadly, this risk was made real one day when I received a life-altering fall that saw me rushed to A&E where I received the news that I had broken my back. This was heartbreaking for me. All I knew was my life as a jockey and it was now over.

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But when one door closes, another opens!

While recovering from the accident, I started acupuncture treatments, to help with my recovery. The effect this treatment had on my recovery was astonishing. I went from being completely immobilized to moving again. I was so incredibly grateful and amazed at how effective the treatment was, I decided this was something I had to study and learn. After I qualified as a fully-fledged acupuncturist, one of my first clients was a lady trying to get pregnant for several years without any success. She had become quite frustrated and disillusioned from years of failed attempts. This was my first major challenge! Working from a place of honesty and focus, we succeeded in getting her pregnant only a few months later. Through the success of this case, and the interest I found in the area of fertility, it became an area of focus and research for me. Also, during this time, my sister had been diagnosed with cancer. To add this heartbreaking news, she had lived with the knowledge that she could not have children due to a back condition that was diagnosed when she was only sixteen years old.

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"So, we got to work!!"

Firstly, to help with her treatment. But my sister had also decided that she wanted children. After a lot of family discussion, we went ahead with helping her become pregnant. After her chemo was complete, she went into full remission. And if that news didn’t create enough excitement in our family, she also became pregnant. Unfortunately, the pregnancy did not hold, and she had a miscarriage. She was devastated. After all she had been through, how could she try again. It took some time for her to reach a point of strength and belief that she could go again. But she did, and after six months of treatments, she was pregnant. Not just pregnant, but with twins. Months later she conceived a beautiful boy and girl.

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These are just a couple of stories of 100’s of amazing experiences I have witnessed in the last twenty years of helping couples get pregnant. I know how important it is to have children, I have 3 children. My last child, I gave birth to, one week before I was 41. So, I am proof that you can have a baby over 40.

I can't begin to tell you of the joy of watching them grow up with all the stages they go through from baby to toddler, to starting school for the first time. My beautiful Hannah is now a grown woman of 23, James is 18 and just wants to party and enjoy everything college life has to offer. And my little girl Amber, who is now 8. She is the heart that keeps me young.

I want this for you!

I hope you can see what my values are and my commitment to finding the best solutions to make your dream of having children come true.

My Fertility Mastermind is the culmination of years of research; years of trial and error; years of belief that with the right guidance, pregnancy is possible. Let me be your guide and we can make this dream a reality.

Lots and lots of love Lucy xx

I live in Loughrea Co Galway Ireland with my partner and 3 children, 4 ponies, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 chickens, and 2 budgies.

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