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If I had a magic wand and could tell you that in 6 months you would be pregnant how would you feel?

I am so glad you are here because I know how long you have been trying to have a baby. 

You know the feeling of losing control.  

The pressure you are under from yourself and your family when are you going to have kids.

 “People ask the minute you get married so when are you having children … when they know you are trying they constantly ask has it happened yet, the best thing is not to tell anyone, except your partner and keep yourself busy, I struggled for 2 years to get pregnant and miscarried, the minute I went back to work and though this will never happen I got pregnant” 

The pressure and stress on your brain is overpowering, sometimes you cannot stop crying

I asked the question to a group of ladies trying “what age were you when you started for a baby?” the age range was expansive from early 20 up to mid-’40s 

Your body is not your own anymore, all the testing,  having sex has gone out of the window because you feel like a science experiment.

Here’s what we are going to do –

I want you to just close your eye for a minute and image you are here with me sitting in my very comfortable clinic, I am here to help you and you relax for the first time.  I am going to teach you the way you are going to take back control of your fertility, you are wondering is this going to work, how you can trust me, this can make you feel weak and vulnerable,  you should be able to fix this yourself.  It’s not meant to be this hard to make a baby.  I am going to tell you this is not your fault, that sometimes it just takes time and patience and with my help, we are going to get to work on this together.

 I am going to give you your fertility superpower so you can do and face anything.

Close your eyes and give your superpower a name, she will strengthen your fertility, so each month you try you are getting stronger in your reproductive health.

This where my skill really comes in – we look at the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine how it can balance your hormones, improve egg quality, regulate your cycle, improve sperm.  Used in conjunction with western treatment.  We look at your whole picture diet, exercise, sleep, stress are you burnt out from trying.   I am here to listen to you and help give you every possible solution to your fertile problems.  

We are going to choke the negative inner voice that keeps nagging you, the one who says relax it will happen it you stop trying if I had a euro for every person who has sat in front of me and told me this I would be a millionaire.   I know you have endless possibilities to achieve this, I believe in you I want you to stop the blame game of it won’t ever happen to me or time is running out, the fear and frustration that goes with trying for a baby.

We are all scared of failure or of finding the energy to keep trying but what if you don’t, and you look back in 10 years.  You do not want to regret, not giving it another go.

Fear is just a thought you have inside your head this is a chance for you to overcome that fear, don’t let it hold you back anymore, what if this time it worked

As you leave my clinic I will give you a big hug and you will feel more confident and in control again are on the right path.  Can you feel my vertical hug

It would be my absolute privilege to work with you to make that difference in your life, this is what I love to do

Join me on my superpower fertility mastermind it would be my honor to work with you

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