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Moxabustion is a heat treatment used in Chinese Medicine.  It is also something I could ask you to do at home.

Why would you use moxa?

Moxa  is especially effective in boosting the immune system which it very important with the covet-19 virus around us at the moment.  Moxa strengthens the organs, Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lungs, and Kidneys.  If you are feeling cold, have chronic pain, muscle tension, arthritis, poor energy and digestive problems moxa is applied to help.  Your practitioner may advice you to do some home moxa to help boost your immunity.  Moxa helps invigorate the Qi (your energy) blood and warm the meridians.

Moxa is especially helpful for women.

Moxa is used to treat heavy periods, uterine bleeding, help’s with menstrual pain or any cold feeling.  Moxa is used in pregnancy, if the baby is in a breech position moxa is used to help turn the baby into the right position so the mother can have a normal delivery.

Is the moxa treatment painful?

No, it is very relaxing with a warm feeling in the areas that the moxa is applied.  Moxa is burnt a few centimetres from the skin and a warm feeling penetrates into the areas of your body where it is needed.

What is moxa made of?

Moxa is a herb know as mugwort.

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