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Some quotes from my patients in the clinic.

“I feel such a failure, why does my body let me down so badly”

“What is wrong with me, my friend told me she only has to look at her husband and she gets pregnant”

“Everywhere I turn I see a pregnant women or someone pushing a newborn”

“Why has my IVF treatment failed again?”

“All I want is my own baby, my sister is expecting her first child and I’m finding it so hard to be happy for her, she doesn’t know that we have been trying.”

“How long have you been married now?  Isn’t it time you started a family.”

“I cannot stop crying when my period arrives, I feel it’s another month gone by and nothing.”

Have you been trying for a baby for the last year?   With no success!  This is one of the hardest things in your life to go through.  How disappointed you are when your period arrives every month.  Or your period is late, with shaking hand you look at the pregnancy test stick to find there is only 1 blue line, a negative result, you feel really let down by your body.  You feel like you have let down your husband/partner.   Everywhere you turn there is a pregnant woman.  Or a newborn being pushed is a shiny new buggy.  You get a phone call from your best friend who is so excited to share her news that she is 12 week pregnant.   You meet your neighbour who asks “how long you have been married” and “no children yet, you need to get a move on”.  This is completely heartbreaking for you.  It can leave you feeling anxious, depressed and very lonely. 

The subject of fertility is very taboo.  No one talks about it.  You tell no one that you have been trying for a baby and smile and put a very brave face on.  When you approach your doctor he can suggest various fertility medications like Clomid.  You take this for a period of 3 months with no success.  Back to the doctor again and the doctor recommends an IVF clinic.  

You contact them and make an appointment.  This is very exciting because you are finally on your way to having a baby.  Often the clinic will run an information day.  When you arrive you will be so surprised to see how many couples are there like you trying to have a baby. The information you are given can very intense and very upsetting for you but also very positive.  You keep positive because this is what you want, your very own baby. 

You have arrived at the clinic for your appointment.  The clinic will take your history and will run various tests on you.  Bloods to check your hormone levels FSH and LH, semen analysis (this is very important to check out your partners sperm) tests for certain virus and sexual screening test.  The clinic might want to perform a laparoscopy; this is a small operation which allows the surgeon to check out your ovaries, tubes and womb.  To make sure there are no abnormalities.  Also the clinic will scan you to see where you are in your cycle.  Then the clinic will start you on the best IVF programme. 

This is where acupuncture helps.  You are heading completely into the unknown.  It is the biggest roller-coaster journey you will ever take.  Acupuncture supports you thought out the IVF cycle. Acupuncture doesn’t interfere with any medication that you are taking.  It will keep a healthy balance within your system both on a mental and physical level.  Acupuncture will support your Kidney.  Pacify the Liver.  Strengthen the Spleen.  Kidneys are responsible for reproduction.  Liver function is smooth flow.  If the liver is not functioning correctly stagnation of blood occurs this disrupt ovulation and implantation.  It can cause other symptoms, painful periods, clotting, PMS.  Spleen is responsible for regulation of hormones LH and FSH hormone levels.  Your acupuncture treatment is tailored to suit you to help you get pregnant.   Help you through your IVF cycle.  The sooner you can start treatment the more beneficial it will be for you. 

You are lucky enough that you have made it to egg collection day.  You will have received you pre-egg collection acupuncture treatment.  Now it is fingers crossed that you eggs fertilise.  That the little tiny embryos will grow to blastocysts stage. Sometimes the clinic will contact you before this.   You have the embryos implanted at 3 days.  Please don’t worry because the best place for your embryos is in your womb. 

Now it’s the 2 week wait.  This is the toughest time.  You have had the embryos implanted.  You have left the clinic happy and really optimistic.  Again this is where acupuncture can help you.  Between day 5 and 7 after transfer you with receive an acupuncture treatment that will help strengthen and hold the pregnancy.  Keep you positive and leave you feeling relaxed. 

Its pregnancy test day… FINGERS CROSSED ….LETS HOPE ITS POSITIVE!!!!   

Some questions to ask yourself about your fertility 

How long have you been trying for a Baby?

Do you take regular exercise?

How is your diet?

Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked?

You’re Age?

Have you had a sexual health screen?

Is your smear test up to date?

What is your menstrual cycle?

Are you having a menstrual cycle?

Are you overweight?

Are you underweight?

Do You Drink?

Are you a smoker?

Are you on any medication?

Do you drink a lot of caffeine?

Are you working long hours?

Is your lifestyle stressful?

Can you relax?

Do you have a long term illness?

Do you have any of the following Thyroid, Diabetes, Endometriosis, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Fibroids, Previous ectopic pregnancy, abdominal surgery or Auto-immune disease?

Lots of love

Lucy x

Acupuncture and fertility coach

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