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My Aim is to get you PREGNANT!!

By Lucy Townsley

How many times have you heard? 

“My husband only has to look at me and I get pregnant”

“Can’t believe I got pregnant because we weren’t even trying”

“How busy is our house going to be with a third child on the way”

People who come for acupuncture do so because they have heard that it is good for fertility.   But what it is really good for is rebalancing you, getting rid of problems such as stress, anger, low energy.   What acupuncture does is reconnect you back to you in order for you to regain maximum health.  For some people this can happen very quickly for others it can be slower.  

If you are sick it’s your system way of telling you, you have lost your balance and if we fail to maintain our balance we get sick or can fail to get pregnant.

There is so much advice out there about how to get pregnant.  Hold your legs in the air after you have has sex for 10 minutes or put a cushion under you while having sex.   Only have sex when you ovulate.  To name a few

The current rate of unexplained infertility is about 50% for couples with a female partner under age 35, and about 80% by age 40.

The answer to unexplained fertility can be found within you.  You have had every test done and nothing is showing up for you or your partner, which is great.  Showing nothing is wrong is a positive step.   In this instant you might need to look at yourselves more.   It’s really hard when you are on the “trying to get pregnant rollercoaster” you cut out so many things in your life.  You stop drinking, you change your diet, you take more exercise, you stop seeing your friends, and sex becomes a chore.  Life becomes all about getting pregnant.  Everything else doesn’t seem to matter.

I have seen so many ladies in my clinic who have put their lives on hold, just hoping each month that their period will not come, that they get pregnant.   These ladies have given up so many things in their lives to get pregnant, parties, holidays, sex life, isolated themselves so they don’t have to tell anyone that they cannot get pregnant.   Lied to friends and work colleagues about why they have taken time of work.

When you come to my clinic.

For you to get pregnant we need to find the root-cause, we do this by diagnosis.   I will go thought your whole history.  I will explain to you how the ancient medicine of acupuncture can get your fertility issues in balance.  To get a balance for a pregnancy to happen.  To help you recognise who you are and recognise bad habits so you can break them.  This life shift can be all you need to get pregnant.

I will look at life style changes you need to make, cutting down on coffee, drinking more water, or even changing a stressful job.  I will help you be proactive in achieving your pregnancy. You will not feel as if you are dealing with this problem on your own, not left out in the cold anymore.  It’s not just you trying to do this on your own.  Acupuncture will make you feel you are healing your whole body.

I will deal with the stress and anger that usually goes with fertility issues, especially when all around you, friends are having babies and some are on the second and third child.

There are many influences that can affect your fertility such as media giving advice on how to get pregnant, sometimes focusing on the negative.  Particularly age.  Once you are having a menstrual cycle you are capable of getting pregnant!  

The best news in my clinic is a positive test!!

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